“No other media can match the impact and range for the investment.”

The Outdoor Media Association of Australia has found that consumers are exposed to more messages than ever before. Mobile advertising is a precise media which cuts through the clutter, to target customers directly.

Unlike other media channels, Mobile Billboards cannot be switched off, tuned out or skipped through. They have an unmatched ability to deliver your message in an unmissable, yet non-obtrusive manner.


Mobile Billboard advertising puts your message where your customers are.
Nobody knows your brand better than you!
You choose exactly where your message goes, when, and for how long.
It’s that simple!

Mobile Billboards can target stems from their ability to be present in various aspects of consumers’ lives. They can be found at:

☑ Major Roads, Arterials, Thoroughfares
☑ Shopping Centres, Malls, Retail Strips and Home Maker centres
☑ Residential, Commercial and Industrial areas
☑ New Estates, Developments and emerging suburbs
☑ Major sporting, public and community events
☑ Travel destinations and recreations

The list is endless!

Enhance your brand’s visibility by utilising a mobile advertising trailer campaign today


Get Results

“Research indicates that truck & trailer billboard advertising achieves up to a 97% retention rate, and up to 68% of consumers make purchase decisions while in their car.”

Research conducted by Outdoor Advertising Magazine revealed that 96% of those surveyed thought mobile advertising was more effective than traditional outdoor advertising, such as sandwich boards, bus stop advertisements, or vehicle wraps.

According to Wikipedia, billboard advertising “resulted in a sales increase of 107%.” That’s an impressive increase.

Direct. Efficient. Immediate.

Mobile advertising puts your message where your customers are. You choose exactly where your message goes, when, and for how long.

Using the right placement you’ll benefit from a large, but regular audience, who will see your message on a recurring basis.  With a targeted mobile advertising campaign, you can quickly promote your product and build brand recognition.

The Mobile Billboard Company

Real Benefits

Your mobile advertising campaign can deliver many direct benefits:

  • deliver your message exactly where you need it
  • clutter-free advertising space means you’re not surrounded by competitors
  • your message can’t be “tuned out” by viewers
  • create strong visual exposure for your brand
  • cost-effective compared to other advertising mediums
  • no booking times are required to set up
  • quick roll out
  • can be re-used at a later date

The Billboard Experts

The Mobile Billboard Company is the expert in mobile billboard advertising services. We make billboard advertising quick and easy for you to implement for your business, so you can get your targeted advertising campaign out fast getting results.