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With our 100% mobile media, and great stats such as an 80% retention of specifics such as websites seen on them, you can’t go wrong.

Mobile Billboards Brisbane

Mobile Billboards Brisbane – We pride ourselves in our ability to launch successful campaigns, and our results speak for themselves. We love seeing clients get a great ROI on their business, because not only is it good for them, it’s good for us.
Have a look at some of the great successful Mobile Billboards Brisbane campaigns that we have done in Brisbane:

Laneway Festival – Mobile Billboards Brisbane

Mobile Billboard circulating all through southern QLD including the Gold Coast and as just over the border in Byron Bay to present Laneway Festival” – Targeting younger demographics and heading in to all the areas that no other traditional signage could go, and included Southern Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and areas of the North new South Wales coast.
We made sure our message was visible, and, as you can see, had people literally turning heads.

Toowoomba Council – Mobile Billboards Brisbane

A Mobile Billboard was used to promote an event in Toowoomba called the “Carnival of Flowers”.
The Carnival of Flowers was a hit, had a constant stream of visitors to their websites, and they also saw a large increase in the amount of exposure that they were getting.
The event was a a great success and very enjoyable, and it was hi-fives all around when they got a large amount of visitors, and in turn a great ROI.

Super Cheap Auto – Mobile Billboards Brisbane

Super heap Auto came to us with an idea for a Mobile Billboard targeting customers around Morley as well as people travelling on Collier Road, and turned out to be a perfect example of how using mobile advertising can target customer’s geolocation.
People driving down and around Morley got a good laugh, and it also raised awareness about the new store opening.
The store opening was more than just a success, they had a large number of return visitors and a huge amount of local visitors too.

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