You may have seen these around in your area, because if an advertiser near you has been clever enough to take advantage of a mobile billboard you would have been left with a lasting impression. Statistically speaking, around 95% of people who drive by a mobile billboard remember seeing it, which is a simply unreal figure in the marketing industry.

The big difference between these and traditional types of billboards is simply that they can be moved to make the most out of the opportunities and locations that are available. Mobile billboards are not stuck in place and left to be slowly tuned out by commuters, or surrounded by competing products. They can simply pick up and go when there is a better location to target their potential consumers and other audiences.

More advantages over a stationary billboard

One of the big things that I know a lot of you want to hear is that mobile billboards are very cost-effective. You might think that billboard advertising is a game best left to giant companies with millions of dollars to spend on advertising, but you can have your own mobile billboard displayed for a very reasonable price and see a massive return on your investment in no time.

The most important aspect of course is mobility, and while I touched on that earlier I want to really expand upon what that means with a pair of examples.

First, consider the prospect of road work and heavy machinery blocking views or taking attention away from your billboard, or the previous scenario of competition taking up spaces around your billboard to drown you out. There are many ways in which a billboard’s location can become less impactful over time, and the ability to move it to a superior spot is hugely valuable.

Second, think about seasonal traffic patterns, and the way you might be able to take advantage by placing your billboard in a location where it will be in great view of people leaving town for an event or holiday, or coming back. You can respond to changing scenarios with a mobile billboard, and it’s a great option for seasonal or short-term events like elections and temporary advertising campaigns.

Any disadvantages to Mobile Billboards?

Not unless you were planning to place your company’s billboard high above Times Square. That really is a game best left to the multi-billion dollar companies, but back down here on Earth there is nowhere a traditional billboard can go that a mobile billboard cannot. There is no disadvantage to that whatsoever, but you gain the advantage of greater choice and flexibility.

How many people see mobile billboards?

The exact number of people who will see your billboard has to be determined by traffic patterns and volume in your chosen location, but of the available viewership we can safely say that greater than 90% of all who drive by a mobile billboard will take notice. Most studies come in at between 94% and 97%, and those are fantastic numbers that simply cannot be ignored.