When it comes to Mobile Billboard advertising, Truck, Trailer, Scooter or Bus… there really is one and only one golden rule:

Size Matters

BandT (Australia’s go to print publication for all things media and marketing) published an article which indicated that a potential customer who might see the same campaign on the back of five buses (or 5 Scooter Billboards) on the way to work in the morning is actually not as effectively being reached or impacted as driving past the same single advertisement on a billboard Supersite (Or our largest format Mobile Billboards)

And further to this, I ask you to take a moment to recall the last time saw Scooter Billboards, Vespa Billboards, Bus Advertising or the new Walking Billboards.

You might be able to remember what the towing vehicle looked like (Vespa or Smart Car), maybe even where you were and when you saw it, but I’d bet you that you wouldn’t remember who the client was that was advertising with them?

Further more – if you surprisingly remember the advertiser, do you remember the message?

And that’s the point precisely:

Bigger is Better

Please note, my blog and discussion here at The Mobile Billboard Company isn’t about talking down other Mobile Billboard advertising formats out there.

But a smart marketer and advertiser will know that in an ever changing media landscape,  customers are becoming more and more complacent to advertising while on there “Path to Purchase”.

This point is a good reminder to take a step back and look at your current advertising and marketing.

Whether it’s a sandwich board, your shop front window or a magazine ad, put yourself in your customers shoes; flick through that magazine with mild interest, walk past your shop window with a fleeting glance, drive past your sandwich board doing the speed limit.

Is your messaging readable – let alone attention attention grabbing?

So often we see advertising campaigns virtually throw their creative away by not using the largest and most impacting form of Mobile Billboard advertising.

And with this in mind,  Truck and Trailer Mobile Billboards simply are still the most cost effective, largest and most impacting, point of sale, large format, relocatable and mobile media available for use.

The picture above speaks for itself.

Hope to hear from you soon!