A quick shout out to Australian Real Estate agents interested in Real Estate Advertising.:  YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

Or perhaps, as one motto goes “Nobody does it Better”… should be changed to “We’re all doing it the exact same way”.

Okay, enough obscurities.

What I’m getting at is that over past weekend, we received the usual cramming of Flyers, Letterbox drops and anything else that could physically fit (or be rammed) into our letterbox.

It’s quite frustrating, yet I haven’t been 100% motivated to put up a “No Junk Mail” sign just yet.

But this weekend was quite amusing as while we’ve said it time and time again,  that “Image is Everything”, today we wanted to post about how so many Real Estate agents are just rehashing the same old marketing attempts over and over, but thinking their being completely original by doing so.

Now usually… junk mail in our house lives a short life.

It goes from virtually straight from my letterbox, to the recycling bin.

It lasts about the 8 seconds in my hand before its dumped forever.

But today I wanted to share with you that 4 local real estate agents, all competitors, all had mail box drops in the exact same size and shape… all claiming to be wonderful and doing things different.

I don’t want to plug them here… but they claimed through their flyers the following.

  • “We do it differently”
  • “If you’re not a purple cow you won’t get noticed” (What has that got to do anything???)
  • “You’re in Good Hands”
  • “Nobody does it better”

But all flyers looked the same, were the same size and sent to my letterbox at the very same letterbox drop?

So really… why didn’t they just say;

“We’re all the same and only marginally different in the way we’re attempting to appeal to you” or perhaps “Like others, we don’t think outside of the box or try to be unique in any such way”.

Perhaps I’m being overly critical here. I apologise!

But Real Estate agents in Australia… want to make an impact, well, think Mobile Billboards.

Bigger is Better