Each and every time at The Mobile Billboard Company, we still get excited for our clients when, for the first time, they get to see their Mobile Billboard roll up to them and present their advertising message.


Because more often than not, sure they’re excited about what the Mobile Billboards will deliver, but they may have underestimated just the sheer size and impact the vehicles will have in their local market.

So when we rock up with the largest format available presenting their advertising message, brand and logo in full colour and high resolution, we tend to enjoy a range of responses:

“Well I thought it was big, but NOT THAT BIG”, “Woah, look at that!” and “Can’t wait to see it roadside” are all comments we always enjoy hearing because it gives us satisfaction knowing that they’ve smartly invested their advertising budget into a quality and professional marketing service.

With Mobile Billboards – Image is everything.

Don’t mistake it.

We stand out from our competitors as our Mobile Billboards are the largest format physically available to hit the road.

Yes, the road authorities in each state have more or less said, “Please don’t make them bigger then this”.

And as we always say here at The Mobile Billboard Company, “Bigger is better”.

So when we have clients call us up, panicked, asking: “Can you get something out this weekend?” more  often than not, we can.

We’re proud to be the only National Mobile Billboards supplier who can offer lead times within 24 -48 hours, from supply of your artwork to your full Mobile Billboard vehicle on the road.

Printing Technology is always changing; improving:

We work with one of Australia’s most prominent and highly regarding large format printer.

Turnaround times and quality is second to none and we personally over see and ensure every production/installation is the best available.

We’ve had clients use one set of skins multiple times over many years. A one off production cost has seen their media investment be used time and time again.

But perhaps what is the most important is that we offer a one stop shop.

You need not even leave your desk as we can organise the printing, installation and roll out of your Mobile Billboard advertising campaign.