Moving Billboard versus a Mobile Billboard.

Simply put, yes – Moving Billboards and Mobile Billboards are identical!

Then why are they often called two different things?
Well the reason for this is quite straightforward. Mobile Billboards (Moving Billboards) are both relatively new marketing methods, and while the name Mobile Billboards has been unanimously decided for the most part, some consumers and businesses still call them Moving Billboards.

Why they are called moving or mobile billboards is even simpler, they are billboards that can move around and be relocated with ease.

The advantages of this are clear, they allows you to go where traditional advertising mediums aren’t available.

Mobile Billboards allow you to go places where there isn’t traditional billboard space available, and/or the advertising medium costs an arm and a leg, and/or you need a more timely solution.

Not only can they deliver your message where others can’t, but we do it cost effectively.

Mobile Billboards just keep growing and growing, and they are the new way to attract people to a venue or offering that you have going, it’s not every day that you see one driving through the streets, and is also lower and closer to the consumer compared to static billboards.

Where can they go?

We have had our Mobile billboards deployed at anywhere from the largest traffic intersections in the area, to shopping centres, universities, or any other large congregation of people – and for one reason, they work.

Cost Effective

Mobile Billboards are amongst the most cost effective marketing medium out there. In fact, Mobile advertising has the lowest cost per impression compared to traditional media. Mobile rates are a fraction of the cost of TV, and substantially lower than even a static billboard. We have flexible options that suit any business’s needs or budget, large or small.

Highly Customisable

At The Mobile Billboard Company, we work with you to design custom routes that enable your marketing campaign to target any specific location and help you ensure that you reach peak traffic intervals depending on the time of the day. The other great thing is, unlike traditional static billboards, Mobile Billboards are not subject to approval, which means that they can be rolled out quick and easy, with minimal paperwork.

Most Importantly, Reach your target audience.

Newspaper readership is down, television is very expensive, and can often be fast forwarded or skipped on modern TV’s. Radio listeners are a huge spectrum of people, and is almost impossible to successfully reach out to a specific location. Not to mention, with some digital radio such as SIRUS, there are no commercials. Mobile ads can go where you audience is, with a high retention rate.

Don’t hesitate; get an edge on the competition and try it today. You’ll be glad you did.