In the advertising industry people are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach out to potential customers wherever they might be found. Billboards have long been a staple of the advertising vernacular, but innovation in this area is rare. The market is always changing, so why not the marketing?

With a mobile billboard you are taking advantage of a newer and more impactful advertising medium. There has been great research done which definitively shows that mobile billboards are one of the most effective tools we have in our arsenal today for reaching consumers, and the numbers indicate that stationary billboards have fallen quite a bit behind.

How often do YOU notice traditional billboards?

All types of billboards are a really good way to get your message out to consumers, but there are several problems with stationary billboards which eventually lead to them being widely ignored. If you have been driving the same route to work every day you probably already understand how this works, because after a while commuters simply start to tune out billboards that have been there for a long time.

Making things worse, very frequently you will find that billboards begin to cluster together. The first guy there probably saw a pretty great return from putting up a billboard, but in the years since that once-prime piece of real estate may have turned into a bit of a mess with competing companies erected all around.

The truth is that in a case like this, a traditional billboard doesn’t get the job done over the long haul. It becomes an investment that slowly but surely stops paying off, but that doesn’t have to be the case when you bring mobile billboards into the picture.

Mobile Billboards Leave Your Options Open

When you place a mobile billboard you have the freedom and peace of mind of knowing that if the location isn’t working out, or if it becomes less effective over time, you can simply move it someplace else. Once this option is a possibility it starts to seem rather foolish to go with a traditional, stationary billboard, which will always be rooted into place leaving the owner stuck with a potentially poor decision.

You can move your mobile billboard to adapt and take advantage of changing situations in advertising, within your company, and in the community. You might place your billboard to take advantage of high traffic during a particular season, or to better target your audience if you find that more of your potential customers are available to reach elsewhere.

Mobile Billboard Advertising Statistics

Research suggests that a very remarkable 95% of people who drive by mobile billboards see them, and these billboards deeply register with consumers and create a bigger impact than you might expect. That is an absolutely huge number and something worth getting excited about.

One specific study showed that 94% of all taking part were able to recall having seen the advertisement in question. Even better, a great 80% of them were able to recall specifics regarding the particular advertisement they saw. What does that translate to for a business? The same study showed that the mobile billboard brought in a sales increase of 107%.

With stats like that to back up a great idea, mobile billboards are the clear choice when it comes to outdoor advertising, for businesses and campaigns of all types.

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