So you’ve done your Google searching and you’ve contacted a couple of different Mobile Billboard companies, you’ve spoken to a handful of people and at the end of it all – all you want to know is one seemingly simple question: How much does Mobile Billboard advertising actually cost? What are the Mobile Billboard advertising rates?

The short answer is:
We don’t shy away from our rates so please feel free to contact us for a copy of our National Rate Card.

To estimate the cost you would need to think about:

  • What is your budget, What do you wish to achieve, What is your time frame and What results do you wish to achieve
  • Do you need a “Mobile” or “Static” service?
  • What level of reporting do you require?
  • How can we tailor our service to your budget?

Five Points to Consider when choosing Mobile Billboards

We believe 5 key points should be considered when considering which Mobile Billboard supplier to chose and which one, regardless of price, will deliver the most cost effective results.

  1. Every Mobile Billboard advertising campaign should be tailored specific to your needs and budget.

Because every client of The Mobile Billboard Company has a unique business, a unique approach, a unique market and a unique end result – we ensure that every step along the way we create a program that suits your needs, suits your budgets and most importantly, delivers the results you’d expect.

  1. “Mobile Billboard” – “Static Billboards” or perhaps a combination of the two?

Most clients who choose Mobile Billboard Truck or Trailer advertising do so because they can see the value in bringing their specific message to their customers – not waiting for their customers to come to the message.

The beauty of “Mobile Billboards” is that they are unrestricted and can virtually travel anywhere a normal vehicle can go, but with much more impact. They hit the streets, targeting roads, arterials, shopping centres, places of interest; competitors etc and are virtually free to roam.

But if you only require a “static” billboard, placed on site, we’re also happy to assist and you’ll find that the sheer size and impact of our Mobile Billboard Trucks and Trailers will make any other signage on site small in comparison.

  1. Quantity – How many, How Quick, How Impacting?

One unique feature we are happy to discuss at The Mobile Billboard Company is that we discount both on volume (Multiple vehicles, extended days) – but also that there is no minimum to book.

Quite often we encourage clients to effectively choose the best days suited to delivering their message.

They may wish to book 10 days of Mobile Billboard usage – but run it 2 days per week, each weekend, for 5 weeks.

Or 5 days per week over two weeks… either way, we’re proud to allow our customers freedom in choice to ensure their Mobile Billboards are out when and where they need them.

Depending on your requirements – be it a “One Day Only Sale”, or a long, heavy recall campaign over multiple months, careful planning considering the effectiveness of one versus multiple Mobile Billboards should be considered.

  1. Image is everything – Ensure you don’t compromise on your creative.

Quite often we have clients call us up, panicked and asking: “Can you get something out this weekend?”

And more often than not we can. We’re proud to be the only National Mobile Billboard supplier who can offer lead times within 24 – 48 hours, from supply of artwork to full Mobile Billboard vehicle on the road.

We work with one of Australia’s most prominent and highly regarding large format printer.  Turnaround times and quality is second to none and we personally over see and ensure every production/installation is the best available.

We’ve had clients use one set of skins multiple times over many years. A one off production cost has seen their media investment be used time and time again.

  1. Accountability. Your budget, your Investment, Your Results

At The Mobile Billboard Company, we’re confident that you’ll find our encouragement to be as hands on or off as you wish rewarding.

We often joke that Mobile Billboards are easy to book, that “you need not leave your desk”.

And it’s true as we handle everything – from printing, installing to rolling your Mobile Billboard out where and when you need it.

But importantly, we report daily with photographs, run schedules, log sheets and provide as much information to paint a picture (in your absence) of just where your Mobile Billboard has been and how effective it has been in delivering your message.

Competitive and cost effective Mobile Billboard Advertising Rates

In short, we encourage you to contact us for a copy of our Rate Card. We’re happy to share our rates and discuss how we can help with your next Truck or Trailer Mobile Billboard advertising project.