Mobile Billboard Advertising Vs Radio/Television Advertising

Often while driving in my car I’ll hear Radio commercials advertising to me businesses that; to put simply, I’ll never visit.

Sure, they may be offering a great product or service, but I’m part of this new, fast paced, huge demographic of people who are finding their weekends jam packed; juggling work commitments, family and social lives. Time is precious, weekends are full and I simply can’t be bothered to take the effort to drive out and visit them despite my interest.

It sounds like a bad attitude on my behalf and I should apologise, but what I’m referring to is the all-too-common mistake that businesses seem to continue to make by using broad reach and expensive mediums like Radio and Television to promote and advertise a very geographic, one or two shop style business, in a very specific and localised area.

And if you’re not in that very area they’re advertising for… well for lack of better words, their advertising is useless.

There are always exceptions to the case, but it has to be for a very good reason that I’ll jump in the car and travel to the other side of the city when it’s more than likely there may be a similar business readily available, closer to home. So I still find it puzzling why certain businesses still seem to be pouring their advertising down the proverbial.

Sure, TV and Radio advertising has a great reach – but you pay big bucks for it and just how much of that

advertising budget is being spent, trying to convince people who just aren’t coming.

Mobile Billboards ensure your advertising has every dollar working; are localised and focused to specific, potential customers readily available.  (Wallets bursting from their back pocket).

It simply displays your message in your market, where you need it, when you need it, point of sale.

Mobile Billboards brings your advertising to your potential customers, no wastage.

The beauty of the modern web is that from time to time you stumble across interesting articles seemingly right at your fingertips.
Justin Jackson, a Canadian business and marketing blogger makes a few interesting points in his article, “Go Where the People are”.

Despite Justin being Canadian and perceptively on the other side of the world from Australia, this article is in my mind rings poignant no matter where on the globe your business is.

In his short piece he personally articulates first-hand the difficult and expensive experience he undertook trying to convince and change the customer’s mindset – Getting THEM to come to HIM, not vice versa.
No matter what the product is (in this case Skateboarding and Clothing), it was expensive, tiring and the end result was that it didn’t work.

He argues that “…unless you are an already well established ‘super brand’ with a healthy chequebook at hand”  its likely that marketing and advertising to customers not in your local area is going to be nothing more than  an expensive and almost useless exercise.

So when you’re considering just what really is the most effective advertising medium for your local business, consider Mobile Billboards as part of the mix.

We take them where you need them and not where you don’t (That’s a tongue twister).

One point perfectly sums up what should be a simple advertising decision when establishing your market…  “[In business] you shouldn’t swim upstream. Don’t try to change people’s behaviour. Go to where your customers are.”