Electronic Billboards barely visible

Variable Message Signs – A bland and barely visible solution

In Australia, regardless of what state you live in (Although in particular when considering Mobile Billboard Advertising in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth), you might have noticed a recent fad for businesses of all shapes and sizes to roll out a Variable Message Sign.

The name sounds fancy, but in short, VMS signs are simply an electronic, programmable, LED billboard.

They have traditionally been used for controlling traffic and road hazards but someone, somewhere, has came up with the not-so-brilliant idea to plug these to Business thinking that they would help their marketing and advertising.

Sounds OK in theory but as we like to say, “Common Sense isn’t always common practice”

And we mean this by highlighting that buyer beware when using VMS signs as they do more short term damage to your brand than good.

There is no science to great marketing and advertising, but too often we see businesses, no matter what the size – look to VMS signs as an alternative to Mobile Billboard Advertising.


Well we’re not entirely sure – as our Mobile Billboards (Truck and Trailer Mobile Billboards) are equally as affordable and quick to roll out as VMS signs and Electronic Billboards.

The difference however is that VMS and electronic billboards provoke absolute zero emotion or motivation from the consumer to pursue your product. Motorists are completely complacent to the message, tuning out and paying no attention.

Road regulations (varying state by state) insist that the message can only transmit limited text for limited time (hence why the message is always changing) as they are (and should be) intended only for road hazard use.

They further work miserable in the day light and often physically the actual sign itself looks appalling (Yes, we’ve seen some with tyres removed, rust visible – looking like one gust of wind would knock them over).

A technical issue too; but 99% of the time the VMS signs we see being used are placed illegally on land not otherwise allowed and are literally a lawsuit waiting to happen.

But the single most important factor to consider is that they cheapen the very brand, image and first impression you have to your potential customers.

(That’s even if your customers see it, no kidding, they really work terrible in the daylight and motorists just tune out to them!)

Mobile Billboard Advertising – Truck or Trailer Billboards  – An imaginative and engaging solution

On the other hand Truck and Trailer Billboards offer almost endless variations in design, imagery, typeface and colour to promote your business or brand.

I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom.

In starting this blog I wanted to ensure that I spoke positively about ways business could utilize Mobile Billboards and Mobile Billboard advertising, be it Trucks or Trailers – to promote and value their brand/advertising to their local area and local potential customers.

In this post above I feel I’m pointing out the very short comings of these VMS and Electronic Billboard signs – and yes, they have been a bit of a fad of recent and we’re sure this will fade out and they’ll go back to being used for what they are intended (warning motorists of pot holes!!!)

Mobile Billboard Advertising  “Image is Everything”

A respected print and design brokerage company in Australia has a great company motto: “Image is everything”.

It really does reign true, but often gets overlooked: Image really is everything, especially in an ever competitive environment.

Successfully marketing your business takes time.  Don’t rush it. Ask questions. But most importantly – Don’t cheapen everything you’ve worked hard to build – your image, your brand, your product with a crumby looking VMS or electronic sign.

Our Mobile Billboards, Truck and Trailer…are simply the largest, cost effective,  most impacting and creative  – No Compromise!