Happy New Year!

The champagne has popped, been enjoyed; the clean-up begun. (Or at least should have!!)
Everyone of us have a unique story to tell looking back to 2012 and for most it was a great year with differing highs and lows.
But this time of year while the empty bottles are recycled, benches wiped down and the dust slowly settling, many are returning to work.  Some are dragging their feet; others spring out of bed.
Whichever category you fall into, right now “Early birds” are enjoying their fill as they know that now is the best time to reflect the year that was and to think about the year to be.
And in timely fashion, the New Year’s party is a perfect metaphor for how we can take a moment to reflect not only what was great about 2012, but how we can look forward to a bigger and better 2013.

The year that was… the year that will be?…

Typically a New Year’s Eve party starts off with a lot of talk about what took place, what was achieved, what was a hit or what was a miss.
Lots of laughs, stories, maybe even some tears?
It’s a reflection of all the things that were great during the year that was, but an opportunity to wonder about the year that will be.
What could have been done better?
What was done right?
The missed opportunities compared to the celebration of those seized.
All the things that personally and professionally reflect you and your business, who and what it is and/or what you hope it to be.
Whatever the topic of conversation may be, before the clock strikes midnight the stark realisation that regardless where you were in 2012, what you achieved or what you had hoped for that; “that was then and this is now”.
Like it or not, new decisions have to be made for 2013.

Marketing and Advertising New Year Resolutions – Stick to them!

Each New Year we award ourselves a little reprieve to focus on what is important to us.
These so called “New Year’s Resolutions” are the opportunity we give ourselves to press the reset button. To start again and acknowledge the areas we can improve.
Whether they are personal (to improve one ’s self; to trim the fat or learn a new language) a Business resolution is however no difference and likewise will only be successful if it’s stuck to!
So as the year starts, we can all look forward to many new high and lows that 2013 will bring.

So what is our New Year’s Resolutions at The Mobile Billboard Company?
To ensure we better service our clients by understanding their differing needs. To prove our accountability and commitment to delivery. To continue as the #1 Mobile Billboard service provider across Australia.

It’s still very early in the year – but we’re on board already.
We hope you are too?
Whatever your advertising and marketing plans for 2013 may be – we wish you the best!

Have a great year and hope to hear from you soon!

(The Team at The Mobile Billboard Company)