These days I’m finding the media reporting more and more about the impact our daily lives are having on the environment and how we need to move to more Sustainable Business practices.

From the soap we use to wash our hands, to the petrol we put in our cars, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen politicians argue that either Global Warming is happening and happening fast, or that it’s nothing but a figment of our imagination.

Whether you’re an advocate for climate change or not, we all seem to at least be more conscious of how we go about our business and how we can do little things to ensure we leave as small a “footprint” as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, at The Mobile Billboard Company, we’re not your average tree hugging hippy (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!), but we’re proud that we’ve actively taken on our part in creating a sustainable business and put in real world efforts to avoid, reduce and offset our carbon emissions for our Mobile Billboard advertising clients

How are Mobile Billboards Carbon Offset?

At The Mobile Billboard Company, we’re proud to announce that we’ve effectively offset over 4 tonnes of Carbon Emissions in the past 6 months for our clients.


Well at absolutely no extra cost to our clients, on completion of each and every Mobile Billboard advertising campaign, we purchase “Carbon Credits”.

Carbon Credits are simply a financial figure calculated by the amount of time on the road multiplied by the estimated carbon emission from the vehicle.

Financial contributions from us (under the guise as “Carbon Credits”) are given to Greenfleet,  who then fund and engage programs across Australia that actively plant native forests specifically designed to capture carbon dioxide from the environment as they grow.

“Carbon Offsets”, “Carbon Credits”, “Carbon Footprints”, “Eco Friendly” and “Sustainability”

It’s funny to think that these words didn’t exist (at least when put together) less than 5 years ago.

However Greenfleet has been planting native forests to recapture greenhouse gases and restore biodiversity since 1997. They’ve been innovative and leading the way in creating a sustainable future that most Australian business’s can get behind!

Purchasing Carbon Credits is one thing, ensuring our business is environmentally sustainable for all our advertising clients is another!

At The Mobile Billboard Company, we’re on the roads daily taking our clients Mobile Billboard messages all around Australia – from Metro to Regional, to each street, laneway and road you need us to travel

We’ve made the commitment to ensure that we continue to positively play apart in doing what we can for our environment and we hope this small Blog today is incentive and another reason why you’ll contact us further to help with your next advertising campaign.